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Psychological Services Center
University of Mississippi

What to Expect

Evaluations consist of three parts over two visits to the clinic.

During the interview, the client is asked a number of questions regarding medical history, development as a child, educational history, and current problems and challenges. If the client is a child, the child’s caregivers may be the most important source of historical information, and depending on the child’s age, both caregivers and child may need to be present during the interview. Getting a thorough history is essential to understanding current functioning.

For this reason, we ask that the client or caregiver bring any available medical records, educational transcripts, or results of previous testing, or that these be forwarded to the clinic.

Most clients enjoy the tests as interesting, challenging tasks. Almost always, testing includes:


Depending on the reason for the visit, the client may also be administered tests of attention and concentration, memory, or neuropsychological functioning. If the client is a child, we may ask the caregivers or the child’s teacher to complete some ratings of the child’s typical behavior.