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Psychological Services Center
University of Mississippi

Clinical Faculty and Staff

Kristin Austin, Ph.D.

Clinical Assistant Professor and Director of the Psychological Services Center





Todd Smitherman, Ph.D.

Clinical Supervisor and Director of Clinical Training







Stefan Schulenberg, Ph.D.

Clinical Supervisor

Psychological assessment, test construction and validation, meaning/life purpose, adolescent psychopathology, and clinical/disaster psychology.





John Young, Ph.D.

Clinical Supervisor

Development and use of evidence based practices for the treatment of child and adolescent psychopathology.





Laura Dixon, Ph.D.

Clinical Supervisor

Behavioral and cognitive psychological treatments for youth and adults, particularly exposure-based treatments.





Sarah Bilsky

Clinical Supervisor





Aaron Lee

Clinical Supervisor






Megan Craven

Clinic Manager

Hannah Friedman, M.A.

Clinic Assistant

Taylor Strange, M.A.

Assessment Coordinator