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Psychological Services Center
University of Mississippi

How Will It Work?

There are never any guarantees, but therapy has been shown to be effective in producing good outcomes time and time again. The most important part of therapy, however, is you. Research shows that it is not the orientation, style, or even years of experience that a therapist has, but rather the attitude and willingness to work and be open that predicts successful outcomes.

The process of therapy requires you to share very personal information with your therapist, information that you may find embarrassing, or even shameful. Only by leveling with your therapist can you get the full benefit of her/his more objective perspective, and expertise.

You’ll discover that the experienced, well-trained, therapists at the Psychological Services Center are focused on working with you to help overcome your life’s situations, not on judging your thoughts, feelings, actions, ethnicity or preferences. Furthermore, the very strict rules of confidentiality governing conversations between you and your therapist (which you should ask about in your initial conversation) are designed in great part to help you feel more comfortable.